Equipped with state-of-the-art information technology, our integrated Bionformatics group is headed by Dr. Guillaume Bourque, PI at MUGQIC and Associate Professor in the Department of Human Genetics, McGill Univesity. Under his leadership, the group focuses on a wide variety of research and technical challenges using numerous technologies and methodologies.

Research themes:

  • Multi-markers methods for gene-gene interaction
  • Machine learning methods for exploratory analysis of large genetic datasets
  • CNV and rare variant analysis using combinations of statistical genetics and population genetics approaches
  • Techniques to improve phenotypic information, e.g. methods for joint analysis of multiple correlated phenotypes or time to disease onset along the lifespan
  • Strategies to detect gene modifier effects
  • Methods for dissecting environmental, genetic and epigenetic factors in population and families
  • Generalisation of recently proposed approaches to de-convolute chromatin marks, DNA methylation, and gene expression levels for complex samples with possibly unequal representation of different cell types, modelling simultaneously gene expression, histone marks, and DNA methylation and infer cell type abundance
  • Methods for detecting somatic transposable elements insertions and for characterizing their role in gene regulation from ChIP-based and other genomic assays

Platform activities:

  • Improvement and maintenance of the user interface software (Nanuq) to track work flow and to help users follow, analyze and visualize their datasets
  • Integration of new instruments, workflows and features to improve data tracking and processing
  • NGS Pipeline development and maintenance

Head of Bioinformatics: Prof. Guillaume Bourque