McGill Epigenome Mapping & Data Coordination Centres

The McGill Epigenome Mapping and Data Coordination Centres were established in 2012 under the CIHR/CEEHRC Epigenetics, Environment and Health Signature Program, to support large-scale human epigenome mapping for a broad spectrum of cell types and diseases. The generation of comprehensive epigenome maps at McGill University is part of a larger international effort that is coordinated by the International Human Epigenome Consortium (IHEC), whose overall long-term objective is to determine the extent to which the epigenome shapes human populations over generations and in response to the environment.

Controlled access to the data can be gained via a portal, which takes advantage of Compute Canada high-performance computing cluster resources to manage the large volume of data associated from the generation of reference epigenome maps. The portal provides the integrated datasets for the CIHR CEEHRC, EU Blueprint, NIH Roadmap, ENCODE, CREST JST and DEEP projects.