Genome Canada Science and Technology Innovation Centre (STIC):
Our integrated platform

Within MUGQIC we operate molecular and computational platforms that are supported primarily by Genome Canada through its Science & Technology Innovation Centre programme. We have continuously operated this platform since 2002, and were recently awarded renewed funding for 2013-15.

Our platforms provide researchers with access to high-throughput genomics technologies such as DNA sequencing, RNA expression, arrays, etc. We also offer computational support for data management and analysis. This integral group plays a central role in research projects initiated by our own PIs, collaborations with external groups, and for fee-for-service to the scientific community at large. In 2012 our platforms worked with over 800 independent groups.

Our philosophy is that a strong platform is closely aligned with the scientific leadership. In this regard we have recently recruited faculty member Dr. Ioannis Ragoussis to be our Head of Genomic Sciences; he is working closely with the platform to integrate new instruments and to constantly improve our processes. In bioinformatics, another McGill faculty member, Dr. Guillaume Bourque, leads the computational platform. Other PIs at MUGQIC also work closely with the STIC platform to ensure transfer of cutting edge knowledge, such as novel protocols generated as part of our Epigenomics Mapping Centre initiative. Furthermore, our Technology Development group, funded by Genome Canada and led by Drs. Rob Sladek and Ioannis Ragoussis, continuously engages in projects that result in improvements of our STIC platform. For instance, in collaboration with Dr. Ken Dewar, this group has recently developed novel protocols for analyzing bacterial DNA using Pacific Biosciences long read sequencing technology.


STIC Leader: Dr. Mark Lathrop
Head of Genomic Sciences: Dr. Ioannis Ragoussis
Head of Bioinformatics: Dr. Guillaume Bourque
STIC Head of Administration: Mr. Daniel Tessier